To help you make the changes you are seeking, 
I work with clients in the following ways. 

   One-on-one coaching offered in 3-month, 6-month, and year-long programs.

Through my individual, deep-dive programs, we work together weekly for a few months to address your individual life goals, gifts, talents and desires. Significant life transformations don't happen overnight. During our time and work together, you learn, change and adapt through the process to step into your purpose, presence and personal power.

To learn more, I'd love for you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me
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      Two- and three-month small group coaching programs.

In these topic-specific programs, I lead and coach a small group of individuals going through the same program together.

Everyone in the group participates in a weekly circle calls, and you do your own individual homework on your own during the week between circle calls.

When circles of women gather together, something sacred and special happens. As the group bonds, everyone holds support, space and accountability for each other's growth and evolution. The beauty of these coaching circle programs is that, in addition to helping you address your own personal goals, you also connect deeply with others pursuing similar goals in their own lives. You're not alone in the process and learn from others on their own similar journeys. 


Be Your RADIANT Self! 

ready ...
committed ... 
and excited ...
to become all you are meant to be?

The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is
to unlock the promise and potential you have inside to live your life most fully and radiantly.

If you are here seeking to explore what's next in your life,  I'd love to work with you toward your personal goals and to help you fully express your individual gifts and talents to create and live a life you love.

Remember, YOU are the
greatest project you will ever work on!


 I also offer other special events, including ...

I offer half-day, daylong workshops and longer workshops and retreats that focus on specific topic areas for targeted and more extensive transformative growth and development. 

Special events that offer meaningful connections with others, and  ignite your inner spirit and inspire you into action. 

To learn more about my coaching programs, please visit my FAQ page


Individuals undergoing a life change that has affected one's life in a significant way (i.e., divorce or loss of spouse, job loss, other life events).

Individuals desiring to be the best they can be, leveling up for a new opportunity or desiring new personal growth.

Individuals who want to better understand and express their true authentic selves.

Individuals who have reached or are getting ready for a new phase in life and want to explore what's next for their life (empty nest, retirement, etc.).

Individuals exploring a career change or want to create a new area of work.

Individuals who are maxed out, overwhelmed and challenged by too much responsibility, and want their own life back.

Individuals desiring more meaningful careers or other ways of bringing more meaning and purpose in their lives. 



In our work together, I provide coaching calls, exercises, tools, resources and powerful discovery questions that you will use to gain personal insights, understand blocks and barriers, unlock new ways of thinking and acting and explore and experience. It's all designed to bring out what's possible for you and your life.

Ultimately, we work together to help you find your true, authentic self and how you want to fully express your gifts and talents in the world to create a life you love.

I hold caring, confidential and sacred space for the discovery work you will do and help you explore the questions that may not have been asked before and find the answers that resonate most truthfully for who you are, what you would like to contribute and experience in your life, and what will make life most fulfilling for you.



As a transformational personal development coach, I work with people who are experiencing important life transitions and/or are growing into a new life phase and expression of themselves.

Ultimately, everyone I work with is leveling up and moving into a new phase in their lives. I have the special privilege of working with them as they become more radiant, resilient, focused and fierce with every step they take. It's amazing to see the changes that people make when they are committed to being their radiant self and living their best life.

Through my coaching programs, I provide structure and space for  those I work with to: 

>> define what they want and need in life,
>> align with what they value and what matters most to them; 
>> refine boundaries and release blocks getting in their way; and

>> design their life in the way they can live with meaning, joy, purpose and pleasure. 


Your Personal Discovery Guide

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We can use what you learned in the guide to determine how coaching may benefit you toward your own goals.  

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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