If you are in the midst of an important life transition, or needing to make a change,
you do not have to navigate alone through all of the uncertainty you may be feeling.




This is the period when you are on an unsettling journey
in a period between NO LONGER and NOT YET.

Parts of your life have ended, you're in transition ...
and now you have to figure out what is coming next in your life. 

These transitional periods emerge after different kinds of loss, divorce, job changes, medical diagnoses, and other life events that seriously rock your world. 

Personally, I've been through several periods of NO LONGER and NOT YET in my life.  At first, these experiences were scary, paralyzing at times, and difficult to navigate.

There were times I wasn't ready to embrace the changes that were emerging in my life
(whether I wanted these changes or not). 

Part of my own challenges came because I was so focused on what I'd lost or upset about what was changing. I could not let go of what was gone. When going thru my life changes, I wanted to get on with what's next. I didn't recognize that times of great transition and tranformation often take you through a grief, acknowledgment and acceptance process before being fully ready to focus on what's to come. I learned it was important to work through these emotions before I would be excited about new things showing up in my life. Important life transitions often require time to grieve, heal, accept, adjust as you begin to acclimate into and embrace what's emerging in this next phase of your life. 

During other times of transition, what made things harder was that I was not at all clear on what I wanted next. Not knowing sent me searching in different directions, down rabbit holes I didn't need to explore (yet I did). Ultimately, my lack of clarity made the transitional period last even longer. Gaining clarity and being centered in the vision of what you want to create in your life is an important step in moving through transitions more easily and quickly.  

Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and transitions lead to transformations

What's also important to understand is that you might come to understand you are in a transition  ... or ready for one ... when you are hitting your wall, breaking down, and/or feeling you cannot go on with a situation in your life. These breakdowns often create an opening to break through to the change(s) you need to make (or accept) to help you move forward in your life in important new ways.  

Life transitions are hard ... and they are even harder when going through them all alone.

That's why it helps so much, when going through a life transition, to work with a coach during these periods in your life.

As your coach through these situations, I'm here to create and hold that sacred space  while you work through your healing and acceptance and begin to move forward with the new parts of your life. When you are ready, you'll begin to explore and get excited about new sparks that will ignite the next phase of your life. 

Many times, when women go through transitions, they get overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear or indecision.
Often, that is because they are not clear on what to do or where to start. Working with me as your coach, you will find the clarity you need about what's next. In doing so, you will be best equipped to make wise decisions, to explore what's possible, and to more effectively take the right actions that move into what's emerging in this new phase of your life. We break down things step-by-step, helping you most effectively navigate through your transition and into the next beautiful stage of your life!

When someone breaks a bone, a cast is placed on the arm or leg, not because the cast will do anything to heal the bone. But, the cast is there as a safe and sturdy structure to hold the bone in place, so the healing can occur on the inside.

That's an apt description of the kind of sacred space and structure I create when a client is working and healing through a time of transition. By holding the space for the healing to occur, you have the space and structure to tap into your own internal wisdom to discover what is waiting to emerge for you in this next phase of your life.

We always are in a state of BECOMING,
and who we were for one part of our life
is not who we need to be for the next part.

Transitions offer new paths to release parts of our life
that have ended, to envision new posibilities
and to make decisions and take actions
that allow you grow and glow up into your best and radiant self.  

I would be honored to coach you through
an important life transition you may be experiencing.

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