If you are in the process of exploring a career change and/or you lost your job unexpectedly,
I offer a coaching program focused on making a career change.

In this work together, we explore where you are in your career,
the changes you would like to make and/or the types of job(s) you are seeking.

New Job Search

If you are seeking a full-time job staying in similar roles and industries where you have gained your experience, we develop a strategy for your job search to help you find a job most quickly and effectively.

In this job search strategy, I will guide you through a process to: 
 >> review and help you refine your resume to best position you for jobs you are seeking;
>> research and network to find both posted jobs and hidden opportunities;
>> how to apply and interview most effectively, and then follow up with hiring managers; 

>> how to negotiate your salary and benefits upon receiving an offer.

I guide you to the best tools and processes to make
your job search easier, less stressful and more productive
in a shorter amount of time.

Career Transition to a New Field

If you are in a place of career transition and want to explore career options different from your past roles, then we will approach your career exploration a little differently. After our Discovery Call to understand what type of career change you are seeking, we may use some assessments and other tools to help you explore options of the types of jobs or careers you would like to pursue.  For example, we might do a StrengthsFinder assessement to help you understand your strengths and look for career opportunities where you can bring your brightest gifts and talents to your work.  If you are seeking a big change that might involve an advanced degree or specific training in a new field, we'll consider what's involved in getting the education you need for your career change.

Together, we will explore the options and possibilities
and help you develop an action plan for your next career move.

Starting a New Service-Based Business

I also work with clients that are making a change from corporate or employer-based jobs into starting their own service-based business or coaching / consulting practice. In those situations, we explore the types of support needed for that career change and where to find the help you need along the way.

Working together, we identify the best tools and resources you need
to help you making the change from an employer-based job
to getting your own business launched and growing. 


After working with hundreds of people going through career changes
-- and so many who have dealt with unexpected job losses --
I coach my clients through a process of discovery and career strategy. 
I will help you best prepare to secure your next career opportunity. 

If you would like to explore what career coaching woud be for you in these areas,
I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session (below) with me
so that we can explore your situation and find
the best way to help your through your career transition.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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