Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?          
Mary Oliver, American Poet

At midlife, many women find that they are ready to reconnect with themselves and re-ignite their own
personal passions and priorities
after years of putting everyone else first. 

Since you found yourself here ... on this website,
you may be going through an important
life change and / or you have reached a time where
you need something MORE in your life.

If that sounds like you, I am so glad you are here ... there is so much life waiting for you!

Do any of the following sound familiar to you:

>> For too long, everyone else’s needs haven take priority over your own needs and desires.

>> You have not had the time, space or opportunity to explore the things you are passionate about.

>> Maybe you've lost track of even fully knowing your real self and/or what YOU most need in life.

>> You feel overwhelmed, stuck and unmotivated, and maybe too old to try something new.

>> You know you want more fulfillment in your life, but have no idea where to start.

Or your life is changing in unexpected ways and you're not sure what to do ...

>> You’re going through a significant life or career transition and it's a unsettling because so much of your life feels up in the air. It’s scary not knowing what’s to come or what to do, now that 'the normal' you've known has ended, but what's to come is still unknown. 

>> You're stepping into a new phase or a new challenge in your life, and you know more will be expected of you, but you're not sure where to find the confidence and courage needed for who you want to be in this next phase. 

If any (or all) of these feelings resonate, you are not alone.

At this time in life, many women want to make changes, but often wonder:

Is it too late ... or how would I even start on the changes I want?

It's not easy to navigate through significant life changes, or to figure out ... by yourself ... how to be your best, most radiant self.

It's been said ... you can't become your best self  by yourself. 

And I am here to help you get to who and where you want to be in this one precious, divine life of yours!

If you've reached a time in your life
where you want to explore WHAT'S NEXT and

learn about the ways you can make your midlife
years the best years of your life,
I invite you to connect with me.  

As a transformational personal development coach, 
I coach women through life transitions and 
in becoming their best self and
living a life that they LOVE! 

Joy Torchia, M.S., CPCC
Certified Personal Development & Life Coach


Because you are here ... exploring, wanting to know more ...
that tells me you are considering how to make important changes you desire in your life.

I want you to take a moment to imagine ...   
What would life be like for you if you:

>> had clarity about what you want and need to create and be living the life you love.

>> began to eagerly look forward to what's possible, rather than focusing on what's ended.

>> knew how to calm and manage your emotions when things feel out of control.

>> lived with more balance and peace instead of stress and overwhelm.

>> had more focus and greater energy to devote to the things that matter most in your life.

>> are excited about what's emerging in your life and how that lights you up.

>> feel engaged in discovering new parts of yourself.

>> and are actively evolving into the person you most want to be and living a life you love.


Just imagine for a moment how all of that would feel ...   And, then I want you to know, all of those enriching life aspects (and more) are ready and waiting for you!

The next question is ...

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

If you are ready to explore how to make your midlife years the best years of your life, I encourage you to connect with me! 

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